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Remove Stains Quickly】Clothes Stain Remover, with professional stain removal formula, can help quickly remove stains from clothes, saving time and effort.

Doesn’t Affect Color of Clothes】Stain Remover For Clothes specially designed to deal with stains has no side effects on the fabric, will not harm your fabric, and will not affect the beautiful color of your clothes.

Compact Design】Small and lightweight Laundry Stain Remover is very portable; you can easily carry it out for use to avoid the embarrassment caused by sudden stains on your clothes.

Simple to Use】Just drop a few drops of Fabric Stain Remover on the clothes, wait for it to penetrate completely, then wash the clothes in water with detergent, and finally rinse the clothes clean.

Widely Used】Clothing Stain Remover is widely used. You can use it to remove old and new stubborn stains like coffee, tea, ink, juice, and wine, or remove stains from clothes, bibs, carpets, cars, and furniture upholstery.


1. Suitable for white, dark, colored, and other washable fabrics.

2. Quickly remove old and new stubborn stains from coffee, tea, ink, juice, wine, and more.

3. Convenient and compact design for easy portability.


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