3 In 1 Floor Scrub Brush, 180° Rotating Household Cleaning Brush


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  • 3 in 1 Brush and Scraper: After cleaning the floor, you can use the back of the scraper bar to scrape the sewer.
  • Rub water and polish the floor and dry it clean with a single wipe! Complete your cleaning job right away
  • V-shaped hair: Easy to clean cross gap, high and low gaps, corners, etc.
  • The stiff bristles are tapered to the V-shape for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas (grout lines, corners, and narrow spaces). etc)
  • EFFICIENT FIRM Bristle: 3 layers of wavy hair, easy to clean. These durable bristles resist bending and will retain their shape over time
  • SPACE SAVING: Our scrub brush handle has a hanging hole for hanging and storing, saving space.
  • Easy to carry, convenient and lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Scope of application: Floor scrub brush is suitable for wet cleaning or dry cleaning.
  • Used for tiled floors, grout lines, glass surfaces, hard floors, concrete floors and more and used in kitchens, bathrooms, tubs, garages, walls, pool decks, patio stadiums and other outdoor events.


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